About the water

Extracted from a well 450 meters deep

Duplenskaya mineral water is produced from a 450m deep well from an aquifer confined to sediments of the Kiyalin Formation dating to the Early Cretaceous. Useful properties of this aquifer have been formed over a span of more than 130 million years.

The productive aquifer is shielded by several waterproof strata of rocks and clay. This has ensured the preservation of its amazing mineral properties up to the present and protected from technogenic (industrial and human) pollution.

A low-mineralized water from (1.8-3.5 g / dm.cub.) suitable for daily consumption

Mineral water is water from a natural source, with the original composition of minerals preserved. Any other water is called potable. The latter includes, for example, water from underground sources and other waters that have passed several stages of purification and thus changed in their chemical composition. Mineral water is valuable for its pristine and natural qualities.

Mineral waters are divided into table water (mineralization up to 1 g / l), medicinal-table (mineralization from 1 to 10 g / l) and medicinal (with mineralization over 10 g / l). The latter also include waters with a high content of one or more biologically active elements (iron, hydrogen sulfide, iodine, bromine, fluorine, etc.), while the total mineralization can be low.

o    Table water. This is mineral (natural) water suitable for daily use. Salt content of up to 1 g / l corresponds to the recommendations of the World Health Organization on the quality of drinking water.

o    Medicinal-table water. It includes most of the brands of mineral water widely known since Soviet times. These waters, as a rule, are unsuitable for cooking, but are widely used for drinking.

o    Medicinal water. The name speaks for itself. This sort of water is used exclusively for medicinal purposes. Using such water to self-medicate is unwise, to put it mildly.


Useful microelement composition

“Duplenskaya” is full of essential micro - and macronutrients in perfect condition for assimilation by the body. Chlorine and sodium ions are the main "building materials" for gastric juice and stimulate the secretion of the stomach.

In addition, sodium ions play a crucial role in the body's water metabolism. Calcium ions have an anti-inflammatory effect, and magnesium ions lower cholesterol, have choleretic and antispasmodic effects, and reduce the excitability of the central nervous system.

An analogue of the water of the famous resorts in Baden-Baden, Aachen, and Soden

According to its microelement composition, Duplenskaya mineral water is a close match to the mineral water brands of the famous resorts: Aachen, Soden, and Baden-Baden. It has no analogues in Russia, as it is evident from its examination conducted in Germany. "Duplenskaya" tastes great and has a distinctive soft mineral brackish flavor.

A “Living Cell” composition

Consider a simple fact: our body is more than 70% water, and in order to be healthy, it needs WATER. Not tea, coffee, soups, juices and juice drinks ... namely WATER. So simple! - WATER is needed to live, develop, grow, and maintain strength. The lack of water in the body affects the state of our nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Chronic cellular dehydration leads to aging. Water is contained in the brain cells and nerve fibers, it forms the basis of blood, lymph and intracellular fluid. Modern scientists even believe that water deficiency causes depression and chronic fatigue, joint diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and overweight.

Real water is NATURAL in origin, not created by man, and carries in itself what was originally laid down by nature, and what our body and our brain need. “Duplenskaya” water with its natural mineral composition “Living Cell” is completely absorbed, cleansing the cell of toxins and metabolic wastes, while filling it with valuable trace elements, revitalizing it and activating regeneration processes.

A clean, healthy, active cell filled with natural water is the foundation of anti-aging processes in the body.

“Duplenskaya” actively targets the main causes of cell aging:

●      Incomplete cleansing of the body of waste products and toxins that poison the cell

●      Dehydration at the cellular level caused by the consumption of mineral deficient water, unable to penetrate and nourish the cell

●      Low energy potential of the cell as a result of diseases, unhealthy lifestyle or malnutrition leading further to its malfunctioning, poor regeneration and degeneration


Water components

The concentration of substances in mineral water (mg / l)


Value for the human body

Mirgorodskaya according to LABORUNION

Prof. Höll & Co.

GmbH (2007)


according to findings *


Sodium, Na*



Maintenance of water-salt and acid-base metabolism; regulation of cellular metabolism of various metabolites. In increased concentrations, enhances intestinal motility, stimulates biliary and biliary excretory function

Chlorides, Cl-


1387 - 1597

Maintenance of acid-base and water-salt metabolism; participate in food absorption processes

Potassium, K*



Together with sodium, it plays an important role in maintaining water-salt metabolism; a catalyst in the exchange of proteins and carbohydrates; stimulates the secretory function of the glands of the digestive system

Magnesium, Mg2+



Active participation in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; regulation of neuromuscular conduction; anti-stress microelement; immunomodulator; lowers cholesterol level in blood and bile

Calcium, Ca 2+


32,5 - 45

Bone tissue formation; participation in blood coagulation and neuromuscular conduction; maintaining stable cardiac activity; enhances anti-inflammatory effect

Fluorides, F-



Vital for the normal growth and development of all tissues, including bone

Iodides, I-


0,05 -1

Multilateral impact on all types of metabolism, development and growth of the body

Hydrocarbonates, HCO3-



Maintaining acid-base metabolism





Maintenance of water-salt and acid-base metabolism; active participation in all types of metabolism in the body

“Duplenskaya” possesses powerful healing properties


"Duplenskaya" has a powerful healing ability and is recommended for drinking treatment of the following diseases:

- digestive system diseases

- urinary tract problems

- endocrine system disorders

- eating disorders

- metabolic disorders

- chronic gastritis

- uncomplicated peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum

- diseases of the operated stomach

- chronic colitis

- chronic liver diseases


“Duplenskaya” has a deep and gentle cleansing effect on the body; therefore it is effectively used for treating chronic intoxications: medicinal, alcoholic, etc.