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What’s behind the healing power?

According to numerous present day studies, the main cause of aging is the loss of moisture by cells and the depletion of its resources in the intercellular fluid. The organism “dries up”, “acidifies” and dies. The body loses its ability to regenerate cells.

Several factors accelerating the aging process have been identified.

Factors affecting aging:

1.    Inadequate cleansing of the body of waste metabolites and toxins, which results in intoxication ("self-poisoning"), while cells get suppressed and the renewal processes slow down.

2.    Dehydration at the cellular level caused by insufficient water intake or by use of water that does not contain the inadequate amount of necessary minerals and trace elements.

3.    Low energy potential of the cell as a result of illness, an unhealthy lifestyle or poor nutrition, which leads cells malfunctioning, poor regeneration and degeneration.

4.    Active processes of cell oxidation under the influence of free radicals.

Thus, the youthfulness of the body is impossible if it does not receive a full, mineral-rich water of an alkaline nature in sufficient quantity. And the advantage here is water, akin to the cell, capable of purifying, nourishing it and restoring the balance of minerals. “Duplenskaya” is one of such cell-friendly mineral waters.

Due to its unique natural mineral composition, the “Living Cell” formula, “Duplenskaya” mineral water is absolutely absorbed by the cell, cleansing it of toxins and metabolic wastes, filling the cell up with valuable minerals, revitalizing it and activating regeneration processes.

A clean, healthy, active cell, nourished with high-grade natural mineral water, is the basis of anti-aging processes in the body.

"Duplenskaya" mineral water has a beneficial effect not only on internal processes in the body, but also on the skin during cosmetic procedures (external use). It is well absorbed through the pores and has a moisturizing, smoothing, nourishing effect, including some time after the procedure.